Window Shopping -Justice League Movie Action Figures and Batmobile Revealed

Mattel released the 1st look at the new DC Multiverse Justice League figures and the Batmobile, so lets take a look!

First up is the leader of this Justice Leage, Batman! Batman has a complatly new upper half of his body, to me this 1st look makes him look very wide in the chest. The legs look to be be the same as from the last Batman from BvS and S.S. 

The Caped Crusader’s new Batmobile, which will get its own toy as part of the Multiverse line.

Jason Momoa’s Aquaman looks like a real bad ass, what else is there to say? The figure looks like its lacking a Ab crunch or upper torso cut. If that is true , that is a real shame

For CyBorg, overall i like what i see, looks like they captured the likeness very well

Another Wonder Woman figure, looks like the same figure from the Toys R Us one but with a new head mold. at this point i think we now have more Wonder Woman figures than Batman.

The Flash! i will have to admit the suit looks a lot better in toy form then it does in the movie. 

And last but not least, there’s the man of steel himself, Superman. This looks like to be the same as the BvS and Man of Steel movie figures just with a new head. 

So that is all we have for the Justice League figures, as of right now we do not know what the Collect and Connect figure is, we will most likely learn that by time SDCC rolls around. We also do not have a realese date for the figures, but normaily they roll out give or take two months from when the movies hit the big screen.


~Baby Huey