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Today we will be taking a look at the 80th Anniversary Iron Man.

The Marvel Legends Series is a Lower-Tier toy line that both collectors and non-collectors alike would be interested in.  With multiple scales ranging from 4 inches to 12 inches and a good mix of detail and articulation, these figures tend to look good both inside and outside of the box.

This 80 years line is a sub-line for Marvel Legends this year, Hasbro and Marvel are taking us back to some classic looks for some of our favorite heroes.


Before we open this up, let's take a look at the packaging.

Iron Man comes in a new style box that we will be seeing for all the 80 years figures, This style box was also used last year for the 10th anniversary MCU figures.

The front of the box has a nice clean look to it, on the top you have the 80 years logo on the left, with the Marvel Legends logo on the right. Iron Man himself is clearly displayed in the middle, along with all his accessories. This is a perfect window box for anyone who wants to keep the figure mint in box. At the bottom of the box, we have the classic Iron Man logo.

Turning the box to the side we have a nice Alex Ross Iron Man picture. along with the Marvel Legends logo.

Turning the box to the back we again have an Alex Ross picture along with a small bio on Iron Man: Genius industrialist and inventor Tony Stark create a suit of armor for himself, powered by the arc reactor in his chest, becoming the hero, Iron Man.

Turning the box around one more time we get that same Alex Ross artwork that is on the left side of the box.


Let's open the box and take a closer look at the figure.

Taking Iron Man out of the box we get a awesome look at the metallic gold and red that they used on this figure. The color really pops on him.


Let's see what kind of accessories the figure comes with.

Iron Man comes with:

a modern classic head

a Tony Stark head

a classic head

left and right closed fists

left and right blasting hands

and two different types of blast effects that can be combined to make a larger one.


How can we pose the figure? Let's find out!

Iron Man's articulation includes the following:

Hinged Ball Jointed Head - allows you to swivel the head 360-degrees and tilt the head back and forth.

Ball Hinged Shoulders - gives the arm 360-degree rotation and also the ability to raise and lower the arm.

Double Jointed Elbows - this allows you to bend the arm back to have the hands near the shoulders.

Swivel Hinge Wrists - allows you to turn his wrists in a full 360-degree circle while also bending them up and down. 

Ab Crunch - this cut lets you be able to bend the figure front and back at the Abs.

Waist Swivel - this lets you be able to turn the figure around 360 degrees at the waist.

Ball Jointed Legs - with this it allows the legs to move out to the side along with some front and back motion.

Upper Thigh Swivel - the leg can rotate around a full 360 degrees.

Double Jointed Knees - joint allows you to bend the leg itself back to the butt of the figure.

Hinged Ankles with rockers  - The ankle hinge allows you to bend the foot front and back. The rockers allow you to rock the ankles towards the outside and inside of the legs of the figure.


How does this figures size compare to others?

Iron Man stands just a little over 6.5 inches tall.

Here is Iron Man standing next to Hasbro’s 1st attempt at the classic armor from years ago.

Lastly here is Iron Man standing next to last years The MCU 10 years anniversary Iron Man and also Iron Man from Avengers End Game.


What are Baby Huey's scores for the figure?


The metallic paint on this Iron Man pops, I also didn’t see any real paint issues with any of the figures that I’ve seen in the stores.


The sculpt work on this Iron Man is probably one of the best that I’ve ever had in my hands. The joints on the figure move very nice and have with all the articulation on him you will have no issues getting him into any pose you want.


The plastic on Iron Man feels sturdy and I do not feel like he will break at all.


If you are a fan of Iron Man this is a figure you want to pick up, He is nice in size and can get into almost any pose you want. I hope Hasbro repaints this figure to give us the classic stealth armor down the road.


I picked up my Iron Man at Target


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