Toy Fair 2016 Day 1 recap with Baby Huey


So day one has come to a close here at Toy Fair 2016. We had a ton of news and reveals today.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to go over what I thought were the best of Day One. 


So the BIGGEST thing to come out of Toy Fair today was the official reveal of Fortress Maximus. He is now said the be the biggest Transformer EVER. The old record was from Metroplex, just a few short years ago.  Metroplex stood at just around 2 feet tall. So it going to be interesting to see how tall Fort Max really is.



Sticking with the Transformers, Hasbro is also bringing back an old favorite; The Headmasters. Tiny robots that transform into the head of the Autobot or Decepticon. In this line we will be getting some characters that we have never seen before as Headmasters; like Soundwave and Blaster. Two of the Transformers that people are looking forward to coming out are  Powermaster Optimus Prime and Galvatron, and I am one of them :-)


Power Rangers Legacy Collection:

Bandai and the Power Rangers will be continuing the Legacy Collection in 2016. Along with a black-colored Dragonzord to go with the Dino Megazord, we will be getting an item that most of the fans have wanted since we were kids....The wrist communicators. They will have lights and sounds along with being able to change out the band to match the color ranger you want to be. One set will come with the original five; red, blue, black, yellow and pink.  There will also be a second set released with green and white. Finally, we will be able to add three more movie-style Morphers to the White Ranger set that we got last year. This year, we will be seeing Red, Pink and Blue.     


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

     At long last, we will be getting a figure the fans have been asking for since the new show came on Nickelodeon. We will be getting Karai, the daughter of the Shredder....I mean Splinter ;-) We will also be getting another long time fan favorite that just made his debut in the Nick Turtles show not that long ago...Armaggon the Shark!


Marvel Legends Series 3.75 inch Figures

After so few waves were released last year for the 3.75 inch figures, people started to think that the line was dead. Well, I guess we have been proven wrong. We will be getting all kinds of new figures this year. The figures look like they will have less articulation than in years past, but that's a story for another time. Along with some comic two-packs that are starting to hit stores now, we will be getting some new waves of the single packs. Two of them are the villain Hydro-Man and Rage from the New Worries. 


Marvel Legends: Captain America Civil War 6 inch:

Hasbro has does it again! Along with the Captain America: Civil War line we are already getting this year for the movie, we will also be getting a second wave for it. This wave will include Civil War Captain America (love the costume) that comes with a shield throwing effect and our first-ever MCU Scarlet Witch.


Marvel Legends: Spider-Man 6 inch: 

The Spider-Man: Legends line will also be getting a few more waves here in 2016. This time around we will be getting Miles Morales Spider-Man (on a new smaller body mold) and Slik.


Well that's all I have for now. Be sure to check back tomorrow for more updates coming out of Toy Fair.

~ Baby Huey