Toy Fair 2016 Update Central

Hey everyone! Baby Huey here, and I will be updating this page all weekend long with links to a ton of new Action Figures, toys and collectibles that will be announced at the 2016 Toy Fair. 

Saturday February 13th, 2016 - Day 1  

From the Idle Hands website, we have our 1st look at some Disney Store Exclusive Captain America: Civil War Action Figures

From we have the Showroom images from Marvel LEGO has a ton of pictures of the upcoming action figures from DC Collectibles has a ton of Official images up from the Hasbro presentation today has Hasbro's Product Presentation on RID and Combiner!

New Star Wars: The Force Awakens figures will be hitting stores soon.

Hasbro has a ton of new figures coming out for season 4 of Ultimate Spider-Man titled -  Ultimate Spider-Man Vs The Sinister Six

Check out the New DC Icons 6" Figures & Accessory Packs

A figure that the fans of the Nick Turtles is coming at last!!!

Sunday February 14th, 2016 - Day 2 - Diamond Select Toys Marvel Showroom

Toy News International - The Four Horsemen Showroom

Toy News International - NECA Toys - Captain America: Civil War Hot Toys

DC Collectibles Showroom

Diamond Select Toys Showroom

Mattel Showroom - Suicide Squad, Ghostbusters, DC Multiverse with TV Supergirl

Monday February 15th, 2016 - Day 3

Bluefin Distributor booth

LEGO's Captain America: Civil War Sets **SPOILER WARNING** 

McFarlane Toys Collection with Assassin's Creed Movie, Attack on Titan, Spawn and More

Square Enix Showroom

Tuesday February 16th, 2016 - Day 4  

Marvel Kotobukiya Product Showroom

Mezco Toys One:12 Collective Product Walkthrough