Fireside Chats Issue 163: HomeComing

     Welcome to Issue 163 Firesiders! Maurer is still missing, Features got captured looking for him by Septa Supreme, and Baby Huey is trying to set him free. Mendte holds down the fort, but still unable to get into Fireside Studios. The show must go on, so he looked to Fireside’s partners in crime, The Emergent Gamer Podcast. Locke-N-Key and Felix Hergood both join Mendte for this monumental moment, Fireside comes home to where it all started. Mendte and the Emergent Gamer guys talk about Locke’s and Felix’s new found appreciation for comics, the MCU, horror based books, Story vs Characters books, and rants galore from the one and only Felix Hergood. Maurer, if you can read this, we will find you! Oh… and Welcome to Fireside!