Fireside Chats Issue 162: The Show Goes On


     Firesiders! Maurer has gone missing. Features if looking for him and ran into a new villain - SEPTA Supreme, who strikes are vicious and annoying. Maurer also had the keys to Fireside studios. Not sure where to turn, Mendte went to his good friends at the Emergent Gamer Podcast to help keep the show going until we get word from Maurer. Mendte is joined by Locke n Key from EMTV and Emergent Gamer, as well as Ian from We’re the Walking dead to keep the show going. The three talk about Netflix’s Defenders, Green Lantern in the Arrowverse, Flash’s movie losing out again, Goosebumps and Marvels connection, and the New Justice League. Welcome to Fireside! We will keep you up to date on Maurer’s whereabouts.