Window Shopping - 6" Marvel Legends Marvel Knights Figures Revealed From Hasbro

Yesterday Hasbro released some pictures and info on its upcoming Marvel Legends wave - Marvel Knights.

Hasbro revealed the complete Marvel Knights wave including the Build-A-Figure which will be a comic book version of Man-Thing. The wave includes

Netflix Daredevil - Includes closed fist hands, billy clubs and Man-Thing head.

Netflix Electra - Includes masked and unmasked head, 2 sai’s and a leg for Man-Thing.

Netflix Punisher - Includes machine gun, pistol and arm for Man-Thing. The head sculpt on this figure looks really good.

Netflix Jessica Jones - Includes the torso for Man-Thing.

Comic Book Bullseye - Includes masked and unmasked head, extra pair of hands, left knife throwing hand, knife, pistol and a arm for Man-Thing.

Comic Book Blade - Includes two head, one with hair and one without. The figure also includes a sword with sheath and a leg for Man-Thing. This is a new sculpt, not the Blade figure Hasbro showed off but never released several years ago.

This wave along with the New Thor wave are expected to hit the store shelves August 1st 2017

~Baby Huy