Toying Around - Top Ten of 2017

Toying Around 2017 Top Ten

So another year has come and gone, It has been a very good year for Toys and Action Figures. This year we branched out to other collectible type toys, not just Action Figures. I just want to thank you all for all the love and support you give me, this would not be possible if not for all of you so thank you!

So sit back and take a look at my personal TOP TEN from all the figures I reviewed this past year.

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#10 - DC Superhero Girls Wonder Woman

Coming in at number 10 is Wonder Woman from the DC Superhero Girls line by Mattel. I personally like this line because it is geared towards little girls to help show them superhero toys are not just for the boys. The figure itself is a solid figure with a nice amount of articulation.

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#9 - Funko Pop! Scarlet Spider

Number 9 is the Scarlet Spider from Funko Pop!. If you have been listing to us at Toying Around or on Fireside Chats, you know that this past year has been big for us into collecting Funko, something we said we'd never do lol. The Scarlet Spider is one of our favorite spider-men so of course, this Walgreens exclusive had to go on the list.

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#8 - Marvel Legends Venom Space Knight (Build-A-figure)

The 8th spot is the Marvel Legends Venom Space Knight Build-A-Figure. This Venom figure for me is one I have been waiting for. I enjoyed the story arc for Venom so this was definitely a must-have for me. Making him a Build-A-figure was a plus too since they were able to make him a nice big sized figure.

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#7 - Marvel Legends Old Man Logan

The number 7 spot is Marvel Legends Old Man Logan. Old Man Logan has been a personal favorite of mine so I was very excited when Hasbro announced the figure. His size, height and look are spot on and fits perfectly into any Marvel or X-Men collection.

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#6 - DC Multiverse Rebirth Batman

DC Rebirth Batman is almost a perfect figure for me. The look is spot on to how he looks in the comics right now. My only issue with the figure is the cape over the shoulders. While it gives Batman a dynamic look it hurts the articulation a lot. It is very hard to get the arms up.

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#5 - Marvel Tsum Tsum

Tsum Tsum's come in at #5 for me because are so much fun to collect and display. There are so many to get and they do look good displayed on a shelf or on your office desk, I would know ;-)

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#4 - Disney's Marvel Toy Box Thor


#4 is the line of figures that were a huge hit this year at the Disney Store, The Disney's Toy Box. The figures are designed after the looks in the Disney Infinity game. So not only do you get a 6-inch Infinity styled figure, you get one that you can move, poss and play with on top of it.

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#3 - Darkwing Duck Pop!

The #3 spot is the reason I started collecting the Funko POP! this year. Darkwing Duck! Growing up a fan of Darkwing how could I not get his first ever POP!

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#2 - Marvel Legends Homemade Suit Spider-Man

The #2 spot on the list goes to Homemade Spider-Man suit from Spider-Man Homecoming. This Spider-Man was the perfect mash-up of our favorite Spider-man and the Scarlet Spider. how can you not love him?

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Honorable Mentions - Justice League Action Batman / Power Rangers Movie Red Ranger

just missing the Top Ten are Batman from the Justice League Action 4 inch line and the 6 inch Power Rangers Movie Legacy Figure. For me, Batman just missed the mark due to lack of articulation the figure has. Batman looks really cool but, with his limited articulation, it is hard to get him into some cool fighting stances.

The Red Ranger just missed the mark only due to the fact that there were so many other cool toys I looked at this year. having him miss the mark was a hard choice.

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#1 - DC Collectibles Zoom

my NUMBER ONE toy this year is Zoom from the DC Collectibles line. Not only is Zoom one of my favorite Arrow-verse villains, He is a really cool figure. The paint job on Zoom is just amazing. The body of the figure really looks like he is wearing leather. The head sculpt has so much detail on it that it looks like he walked right off the show. Zoom also comes with a ton of accessories.

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So that wraps up another Top Ten for me. Thank you all again! If not for everyone I would not be able to do this!