Toying Around Reviews - Pink Ranger

Power Rangers 6 inch Legacy Edition

Pink Ranger

Today we will be taking a look at the Pink Ranger from the Legacy Power Rangers Line from Bandai. 




The Pink Ranger comes in the New Power Rangers Legacy packaging. You have the Power Rangers logo at the top with the figure clearly displayed in the middle. Down below you have a picture of the Ranger from the show on the left and the name of the Ranger on the right. The series logo that the Ranger is from is in the middle.



On the back of the box you have a picture of the Megazord and the rest of the figures you need to complete it. Down below you have the rest of the figures you need to collect to make the Megazord.



Outside the box:

Front side of Pink Ranger outside the Box


Backside of Pink Ranger outside the box.





Pink Ranger comes with here blade blaster in holster mode and also the Right arm to the Megazord Build-A-Figure




Pink Ranger stands right around 6.5 inches tall




Here is all the articulation Pink Ranger has



Size Comparison:

Here is Pink Ranger standing with the 2010 small Pink Ranger, The 2014 Legacy Pink Ranger and the new 2017 Movie Pink Ranger



Final Thoughts:

Like the Green Ranger and the Red Space Ranger, i really do like this Legacy line. Just sucks a little bit that Bandai messed up and in this 2nd wave of figures they made the Pink, Black and Blue Rangers belts silver and not white like it should be, oh well, Bandai already said they are not going to fix it them and re-release the figures.


Time for some Toying Around!!!!



You cant have the Pink Ranger without the Green Ranger being to far behind!

Retail cost $19.99

I give Pink Ranger a 9/10






~Baby Huey