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Marvel Legends Giant Man Series

Nick Fury

Today we will be taking a look at the Marvel Legends 6 inch Nick Fury figure from the Giant Man build a figure series




Nick Fury comes packed in the new stranded Marvel Legends box. You have the Giant Man wave logo at the top with the Legends Series logo displayed right below. Nick Fury is clearly displayed in the middle with the Captain America logo and his name right below


On the back of the box you have a nice image of the figure and a quick bio with pictures of the rest of the wave pictured below

Outside the box:


Nick Fury front side out of the box


Nick Fury back side out of the box


Nick Fury comes with a Dirk Anger and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent head and also the left arm to Giant Man

Nick Fury comes with a Dirk Anger and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent head and also the left arm to Giant Man


Here is what the heads look like on the body!

Dirk Anger

S.H.I.L.E.D. Agent


Nick stands at 6.5 inches tall

Nick stands at 6.5 inches tall



Size Comparison:

Here we have Nick Fury with MCU nick and Hasbro's 1st Nick Fury from a few years ago, next we have Nick with Agent Coulson and Maria Hill and last but not least, the new body mold makes it very easy to take MCU Nicks head to make Nick Fury Jr  from the current comics


Final Thoughts:

Have to say i wasn't that excited about getting another Nick Fury, But i have to say i really do like him, He is hands down the best Fury we have got so far! What also tops it off is the alt head for Dirk Anger, its a character that we haven't gotten yet, plus the MCU Nick Fury head fits very well on the body to make a  Nick Fury Jr. and that to me is really cool

Time for some Toying Around!!!!


Retail cost $19.99

I give Nick Fury a 9/10

~Baby Huey