Toying Around Quickie Reviews - Funko Pop! Green Ranger

Green Ranger Pop! Quickie Review 

Today we are going to take a quick look at the Funko Pop! Green Ranger



The Green Ranger comes in the the standard Funko Pop! packaging. The Pop! logo, the series logo and the number are all at the top. The figure is  clearly displayed in the middle with a picture and name of the figure at the bottom of the box


on the back of the box you have a list of the other figures in this Power Rangers wave


Outside the box:


Final Thoughts:

So this is my 1st ever Funko Pop! figure, i do have to say he is really cool. the only Articulation on the figure is that his head can do a 360. Other POP! like the marvel ones are on spring to make them more like a bobble head! So there you have it, a quick look at the POP! Green Ranger. They are hitting stores now, i found this one at Toys R' Us

Retail cost $9.99

~Baby Huey