Toying Around Reviews - DC Collectibles Zoom

DC Collectibles - Zoom

Today we will be taking a look at Zoom from the DC Collectibles line.  This version of Zoom comes from the Season Two of the CW's The Flash.  Zoom is number 5 in the DC Collectibles Flash series.  Previous release for The Flash series have been The Flash, Captain Cold, Reverse Flash, and Heat Wave.  As a fan favorite on the show Zoom makes a great addition to the line.

The DC Collectibles line of action figures is an ongoing series that pulls content from both comic and live action inspirations.  Their action figure series has already including figures from CW's Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow.  They are only available at Specialty and Comic Shops.  The DC Collectibles banner contains many other lines such DC Collectibles ICONS, Statues, Props, and more.


Before we open this, let's take a look at the packaging.

Looking at Zoom from the front the figure comes packed in the standard DC Collectibles box. We see a large window that showcases the figure as well as all of the accessories.  This gives great visibility for collectors that may not be opening it.  It shows both the DC Collectibles logo and the The Flash logo from the CW television show.  The name of the figure is printed on the right side of the display window. 

On the right side of the box the display window continues so that you can get a decent view of the figure on the side.  This is another benefit to our friends that choose not to open the figure.

The left of the box gives you a great stylized close up of the Zoom figure with some cool blue lightning.  Again we get the name of the figure and the logo from the CW series The Flash.  The bottom gives us the figures release number in the series and the DC Collectibles banner.

Flipping the packaging around to look at the back gives you a peek at the series so far. This is where you get to see the images of The Flash, Captain Cold, Reverse-Flash, and Heat Wave.  We also get the artists name that sculpted the figure.  In Zoom's case it was Erick Sosa. 

Outside of the Box

Let's open the box and take a closer look at the figure.

On first look at Zoom you can clearly see all the tiny details that DC Collectibles has put into the figure. Immediately we have some very nice silver line paint that breaks up both the leather texture and the etched details.  The colors used give some great depth that goes more than just black.  A thin light grey paint on the texture and the matte vs glossy paint show off the details in great contrast.

When looking at the head sculpt you have the sculpted lighting blots pressed into the cowl. The eyes are sculpted in such a way that shows a separation between the face and mask.  This makes it look like there is really someone under that mask.

The base of the body has some really cool cross etching throughout the arms, chest and legs. Running your finger over the cross hatched texture really let's you feel the detail that they put into this figure. The Zoom logo on the chest is a raised sculpt that further shows the time put into this figure.


What else comes in the box?

Zoom comes with a ton of interchangeable hands, you have a pair of straight out hands for running, open grip hands, another open grip left hand with a right hand that is more open for like holding onto something....or someone! and lastly you have hands that are straight out like the running hands but the fingers are a separated. Zoom also comes with a bolt of lighting and a lighting circle that goes over his logo.


Let's see how we can pose the figure.

Zoom's articulation includes the following:

Mushroom Pegged Head - allows you to swivel the head 360 degrees 

Ball Jointed Shoulders - gives the arm 360 degree rotation and also the ability to raise and lower the arm

Singles Jointed Elbows - this allows for a 90 degree bend at the elbow

Hinged Swivel Wrists - the wrist articulation lets you move the wrist up and and down and move the hand itself around

Waist Cut - the entire upper chest section is able to move around 360 degrees

Hinged Legs - with this it allows the legs to move out to the side along with some front and back motion

Upper Thigh Swivel - the leg can rotate around a full 360 degrees

Double Jointed Knees - joint allows you bend the leg itself all the way back to the butt of the figure

Ankle Rockers - with this joint you can move the leg of the figure so you can get the feet as flat as possible when spreading the legs out 

Size Comparison

How does this figures size compare to others?

Zoom stands at about 6.75" tall.  This falls in line nicely with the Flash figure from the DC Collectibles line.  The scale doesn't transfer well to the Marvel Legends line where Zoom in about a quarter inch taller than Iron Man.


What are Baby Huey's scores for the figure?

Paint Job 4/5

Overall the paint on Zoom is done really well. There are some spots like around the lighting bolt on his chest that have a little to much silver and make  a small little blotch. A few of the silver lines on his back are a little fuzzy but other than that it's good. 

Figure Sculpt 4.5/5

Hands down i love the sculpt. The little details that DC put into the figure, all the cross etching on the suit, along with the indented lighting bolts on the cowl really make the whole thing come together. 

Posing / Durability 2/5

 Overall the articulation has remained consistent throughout the DC Collectibles line. To me Zoom is missing a few things that if he had would just make him perfect, the a upper bicep swivel, waist swivel and true ankle rockers.

When it comes to the durability the figure itself along with the joints are very strong. i do not feel like i will snap or break anything when i am changing out the hands, however since this is geared more toward the adult collector I wouldn't recommend giving this figure to a young child for every day play.

Overall Score 3.5/5

Zoom is a win for me. If you are a fan of the Flash tv show, Zoom or even DC Collectibles then you need to pick him up.

Final Thoughts:

Zoom himself has been one of my favorite villains thus far from the Flash series on the CW. So I have to say I was very happy when DC Collectibles said they would be doing a Zoom figure in the 7 inch line. I feel like the 7 inch fits in very well with the DC Multiverse 6 inch line when compared to the height of the Flash from that line.

Zoom does come with a ton of accessories, however, I do have to say that little lighting effect that is to go over his logo is a pain in the butt to get on and to keep it on. It was a nice idea just not executed properly because even If you do get it on it pops off in a matter of minutes.

Retail cost $24.99 

Time for some Toying Around!

~Baby Huey