What Ezra Miller's Flash Costume could look like in Justice League

Thanks to Comicbook.com we have a picture of the Ezra Miller Flash from BossLogic, an independent graphic designer. He has said based on the concept he has seen he was able to build off of it to give us this picture 

according to comicbook.com there are still a few major differences betwen this design and the actual one for Justice League. Below we have some quotes from Brandon Davis from comicbook.com

“First , the head piece does not pop out and extend over Barry’s forehead like it does here. It’s a much more sleek design which looks to be built for speed. Through the golden streaks near the ears are close, they dont extend from the head. The cowl is also sectioned into thin lateral pieces, close to 10, which allow the costume to move comfortably but maintain a complex and high-tech look.

The armor style overall is fairly accurate, though. The gold plate under the Flash logo is not on the ral costume and the Flash logo itself has two bends in the bolt rather than the one seen here and also has a dark, though white circle behind it.”

— Brandon Davis, comicbook.com

What do you guys think, do you like it or do you wish for more of what we have on the CW Flash? Let us know!

~Baby Huey