Ultimate Spider-Man show cancelled



So as you may or may not have heard, Marvel and Disney Animation has decided to end Ultimate Spider-Man after this current 4th season. You might be asking yourself why? Well I am asking that too!

Well Back in 2012, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was just ending its 2nd season. Jeph Loeb, the head of Marvel Animation at the time, stated they wanted to do a new Avengers show that would tie right into the Ultimate Spider-Man show that was just wrapping up its 1st season and getting very good ratings. It was a great idea having a few different shows all in the same universe that can crossover with one another, just like in the movies.



Now, fast forward a few years and Marvel and Disney are ending Ultimate Spider-Man, But they announced that they will be starting a new Spider-Man show next year titled SPIDER-MAN. So you do all this work just to make a shared Animated Universe just to end it? Why?



Well we don't know why yet, but if i had a to take a wild guess its due to the fact that Marvel wants this new show to tie more into the Spider-Man Homecoming movie! Marvel had already said this new show will be getting Spider-Man and Peter back to his roots. So i guess we will have to wait and see till more info comes available. The Ultimate Spider-Man show will have its final episode "Graduation Day" parts 1 & 2 airing this January on Disney XD!


For now enjoy this clip from Graduation part 2






This is the logo that has been shown to us for the new Spider-Man cartoon coming sometime in 2017 on Disney XD!







~Baby Huey