Power Rangers #11 First Look

1st Look at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #11

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers recently introduced us to villainous new Ranger, and now we are going to get to look at the world he inhabits. It is a very different place than the Rangers are used to.

In issue #9 Tommy and Billy ended up in the dark dimension that the Dark Ranger resides in, a dimension that saw the Power Rangers defeated by this new Ranger and Rita Repulsa. In issue #11 the two Rangers happen to come across the Black Ranger, but like everything else in this world's it's not what they expect.

Writer Kyle Higgins recently spoke to IGN about their creation, The Mastodon Sentries.

“This is a different world—a darker world. In this place, the Power Coins have been used by our dark Ranger to build up an army. So, a militaristic aesthetic, mixed with classic Power Rangers iconography—like Zack’s battle axe—is what we landed on. I have to give massive, massive props to Hendry—he did a ridiculous job on the design."

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #11 hits stores on January 18, 2017.