Fireside Chats Issue 395: Late Shift’s Revenge

I hope you are receiving this Fireside Faithful. Tragedy has struck our studio and only a handful of us made it out. LateShift came back looking for vengeance and blood. We didn’t see it coming. He took Features hostage, Baby Huey is missing, and Maurer and Mendte are in hiding. We had to hack into into an off shore server, routed through several unidentifiable VPNs just to get you this recording. But you know what they say about the show and how it goes on... so let’s get into a little of the New News. Starting with that awesome Far From Home trailer, then we have plenty of Endgame news to follow it. Plus Jessica Jones, Ghost Driver (yes that’s intentional), and the Savage Avengers. So lay low with us for a little, and Welcome to Fireside. Welcome to the Underground. Welcome to the resistance. 

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