Fireside Chats Issue 394: Endgame Spoiler Review with Frank Caliendo

The Endgame spoiler embargo has been lifted, at least over here Fireside Faithful. It’s time to breakdown the event over 20 movies in the making. Last week we tried our best to keep the details out of it and just tell you our thoughts... but not today. We are truly in the Endgame now. How do we do this momentous occasion justice you may ask... we gotta get Frank. That’s right Firesiders, Frank Caliendo joins us once again to talk about the emotional roller coaster that ends the Infinity Saga. Join Mendte, Mr. Maurer, Features, and Frank as they talk about the moments that gave them chills and tears; what annoyed and elated them. We hope you love it 3000. Welcome to Fireside!