Fireside Chats Issue 164: The Break In

     Firesiders.  On this morning after our chaotic Presidential Election, there are emotions flying high. No matter how you feel about the election, we all deserve a moment of levity, so here we go with Issue 164. Mendte, Features, and Baby Huey broke into Fireside Studios so we can give you the show you deserve, giving you all the best news from the Comic-Sphere. Join us for the awesome return of Young Justice, a Robotic Man of Steel coming to Supergirl, a Voltron movie to help save us from the Power Ranger movie Megazord, the growth of Defenders, and She-Hulk looking like her cousin. So take a breath, and join us for a well deserved break. From everyone at Fireside (except maybe Maurer) We love you all. Welcome to Fireside.