Fireside Chats Issue 160: Batter Up

Batter Up Firesiders! It's time to take a swing at the latest geek news.  Mendte and Mr. Maurer are reunited with the incomparable P. Features.  Together they tackle some heavy hitting news in this Issue of Fireside Chats.  Leading off with Movies the guys have breaking news such as Deathstroke talking about the upcoming Batman film, how much more Suicide Squad is still to come, Deadpool's sequel hits a bump (but fans have an idea), plus the continued freshness of Marvel confirmed.  In comics the guys talk about a little X-Men and then give a moment to the late great Steve Dillon who recently passed.  As far as TV goes the guys swing away at all the great content of late.  The Arrow-Verse is in full effect plus the debut of Negan and his "Vampire Bat" Lucille! Welcome to Fireside.