Fireside Chats Issue 146: The Vanity of Huey

What's going on Firesiders?! Issue 146 is here and Mendte and Mr. Maurer are joined by none other than Fireside's own Baby Huey.  HIs royal pain in the butt has stepped in for Features and is ready to talk news.  In this Issue your caped crusaders of online radio have tons to talk about. Starting in the small screen we have our first look on the Ghost Driver invading Agents of Shield as well as Charlie Cox and why he isn't a ginger. Then  in comics the guys jump into the Millarworld Talent Search, Marvel's Champions and the Now! 2.0 universe, Stan Lee talks Lobo, and Malcolm Merlin writes about Malcolm Merlin.  Not to be left out the silver screen has plenty of news starting with Stan Lee and his audition for more cameos, Mel Gibson and his latest rant, Suicide Squad is still going, Shia Lebouf talks his latest missed opportunity, two more fan favorite Bat-Stories that could be getting animated, plus Shocker's shocking debut in Spiderman: Homecoming and the April O'Neil interview that should stay on the cutting room floor.  Welcome to Fireside.