Fireside Chats Issue 141: Squirrel's, Duckies, and Shawarma Oh My!

Mwahahahahahahaha Firesiders! Welcome back to Mr. Maurer's Fireside Chats!  He is joined by his lovely sidekicks P. Features and Baby Huey as they dive into the latest Geek News.  Mendte is still at home and we wish him the best.  But, for now Let's Get Dangerous! The Issue starts off with Comic News and the guys talk about a few different covers coming out.  Power Rangers Annual #1 and Batman Annual #1.  Plus we get a first look at our newest crime fighting family.  TV has tons a news and a few eggs in it.  Find out what Colton Haynes was doing on the Arrow set, are there Ninjas in Legends of Tomorrow, Young Justice may be coming to the small screen, Hulu gets into the superhero business, and PLEASE DON"T WATCH THE TICK! In movies the guys find the answer to a question you never asked, the Russo Bros comment on some possible casting, rumored Spiderman Homecoming casting gets Maurer and Features upset and some wonderful Batman news.  All this and more, Welcome to Fireside!