Window Shopping - Spider-Man: Homecoming Walmart Gift Box

Spider-Man: Homecoming Walmart Gift Box

Just in time for the holiday season, we have an all-new Spider-man gift box that you can only get at Walmart.

The Box:

On the front of the box, you have a nice look at mostly everything that is inside.

the side of the box lists everything that comes inside, we will look at all that below.

The back of the box has a very cool up-close look at Spider-Man's eyes with the Vulture in his right eye.

The other side of the box shows some of the classic covers that are in the included comic.

What's Inside:

Image 110.JPG
  • Funko Pop!

  • Spider-Man Comic Covers Book

  • Spider-Man Socks

  • Collectible Pin

  • Spider-Man Homecoming Blu-Ray + DVD

This is a fun little collection if you are a Pop! collector or have not picked up the movie yet I would say this is worth it to pick it up if you can find one at your local Walmart, or order it online!

Happy Hunting!

Retail Cost: $34:96