Toys, Tots, Pets and More Event

A few days ago Mr Maurer and Baby Huey got to enjoy a Spring Preview event held by Toys, Tots, Pets and More (TTPM). Check out all the new and upcoming Superhero based toys coming soon

ABC's The Toy Box - Aryaball

If you haven't been watching the new show The Toy Box on ABC, then what are you waiting for? Its like Shark Tank for kids toys.

We got to meet one of the inventors from the show, Babak and his son Arya. Babak is the inventor of the Aryaball. It's a all in one sports game toy. with it you can play Soccer, Football, Frisbee, Baseball, and Golf.  We got to talk a little about some of the changes he has already made to the toy.  The size of the football has been increased and it no longer will contain the "Baseball/Golf Ball".  The frisbee also has a sturdier plastic.  This will enable older kids to play with the sports toy and lower the price point.  The Baseball/Golf combo will now be sold separately.

They have made it to the finals of the Toy Box Tv show, go and cheer them on! Don't forget to pre-order the winning toy.

Mattel: DC SuperHero Girls

Mattel had on display the DC Superhero girls line in both the 12 inch ($19.99) and the 6 inch ($9.99). The figures are very detailed and possible and come with accessories to go along with the figure. They are out on shelves now.  

The 12 inch dolls that were on display were Katana, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Poison Ivy, and Starfire.  These toys have cloth outfits and are highly articulated.  Think of Marvel Legends meets Barbie.  They have alternate 12 inch counterparts that are fully plastic and not as articulated.

The 6 inch toys that we got our hands on were Katana, Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Bumble Bee.  These fall more in line with your standard action figure with full plastic molding and incredible articulation.  These toys will allow little girls to have action figures to go head to head with their brothers toys.

Mattel: Wonder Woman

Mattel showed us the new line of Wonder Woman 12 inch figures ($19.99) that are just starting to hit the shelves now. They are inspired by the new movie. A few of them even come with real cloth type clothes. The costuming on these captures the feel of the movie.  Giving Wonder Woman more than just her standard costume and expanding on her counter parts.  Decent articulation with some extremely detailed accessories.

Mattel also had out for display the role play items as well. you have Wonder Woman's sword, a bow and arrow and also Wonder Woman's tiara.  The sword has a button that makes clashing noises when pushed and the tiara in a heavy duty but yet soft plastic.  

Hasbro: Star Wars Forces of Destiny

Hasbro is very excited to show off its new line for Star Wars. The Forces of Destiny. They are 11 inch style figures, The basic figures will start out at $19.99 and will come with the figure and an accessory. We were able to check out in person Rey and Sabine from the basic line. The other line priced at $29.99 is the hero and a friend line, they will come with the figure and also a little buddy to go with them. The ones from the hero and buddy line that were on display were Leia with R2D2 and Ray with BB-8. Hasboro is not leaving the boys out as wave two will have a Luke Skywalker and a Chewbacca.

They are slated to hit the toy shelve August 1st.


Hasbro: Transformers 5 The Last Knight

Hasbro showed us some new figures from Transformers 5. There is a new Optimus Prime mask that has sounds and a microphone that lets you sound like Optimus when you talk. We also got to check out the new line of toys for the upcoming movie that includes the new action figures that go along with the movie. The deluxe, voyager one step and two step were on display for us to check out.  Hasboro was excited to share a change to their blind bags.  They will now transform, giving them a higher play value in comparison to just sitting on a shelf.

Hasbro: Spider-Man

For the new Spider-Man Homecoming movie Hasbro has a ton of new items to check out, including a Spider-Man mask that lets the eyes move when you open and close your mouth. They also have 12 inch Spider-Man and Vulture figures that have sounds and phases from the movie

Just PLay: Spider-Man

Just Play has some relay cool products coming soon for the new Spider-Man movie. They have the Web-wing & Sling Spidey, this spider-man has sounds and lights. When you squeeze his legs together his wings pop out. He also has a light up feature on his left arm, when you press it you get a picture of a spider web. Also coming soon are little bean bag plus figures that will loook great sitting on your desk or on a shelf. Lastly we were able to check out the swing and sling spider-man. This Spidey lets you hold him by his webs and swing him around or put him down on a table and let him do summer sults. 

Jakks Pacific: Grumpy Cat Cat Toys

If you are a fan of Grumpy Cat then you will love this new line of Grumpy cat toys for your cat. They line has a Grumpy cat pillow and toys that will keep your car entertained for hours.

Nickelodeon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Last but not least we got to check out some new things for our Heroes in a half shell from Nickelodeon. There will be a new view finder VR game that puts you right into the would on the TMNT. This is similar to the batman the animated series VR that brought back Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy.  The view finder has the look of the Turtles mask and let's you pick your favorite color. (All are included in the box) The Micro series is moving strong and fast. We got to check out some new play sets that will be coming soon like the Raphael figure that opens up into a base for your figures to play in.