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Marvel Legends Dormammu Series

Iron Fist

Today, in honor of Iron Fist being released on Netflix we will be taking a look at the Marvel Legends 6 inch Iron Fist from the Dormammu Build-A-Figure series.


Iron Fist comes packed in the stranded Marvel Legends Series box. You have the Dormammu wave logo at the top with the Legends Series logo displayed right below. Iron Fist is clearly displayed in the middle with his logo right below.

On the back of the box you have a nice image of the figure and a quick bio with pictures of the rest of the wave pictured below

Outside the box:

Front side of Iron Fist outside the box

Back side of Iron Fist outside the box



Iron Fist comes with a pair of wrapped hands, he comes attached with the glowing hands, and also a pair of fire balls to attach onto the hands.

Iron Fist comes with the shoulder pads for Dormammu Build-A-Figure



Iron Fist stands a hair under 6.5 inches tall



Here is all the articulation Iron Fist has.


Size Comparison:

Here is Iron Fist with Iron Fist from The All-Father wave that we got just two years ago


Final Thoughts:

Now while this is a nice upgrade to our last Iron Fist but we got Iron Fist just a short two years ago so i really don't think now was the time for a new one, Hasbro should have waited and made a Marvel Netflix one since we are already getting some Netflix figures coming soon! My main complaint with this figure is some QC issues, the forearms on the bandaged hands pop off way to easily for me. Other than that i do enjoy the figure since the last go around was a very stiff type figure! 

Retail cost $19.99

I give Iron Fist a 7/10



Time for some Toying Around!!!!



Iron Fist is coming at ya!











~Baby Huey