Toying Around Reviews - Ben Reilly Spider-Man

Spider-Man Absorbing Man Series

Ben Reilly Spider-Man


Today we will be looking at Ben Reilly, part of the new wave of 2016 Marvel Legends.

The figure comes in the new style of box that all the Legends will use now, the wave of Build-A-Figure is at the top left of the box, with the new Legends Series right below that. The figure is clearly displayed in the box with the Spider-Man name below. This figure is listed as Edge of Spider-Verse as Ben Reilly shares the same packaging as the Spider-Gwen figure. The back of the box displays both Spider-Gwen and Ben Reilly, with pictures of Absorbing Man and the rest of the figures in this wave right below.

The side of the packaging features a picture Ben Reilly on the right and Spider-Gwen on the left


Ben Reilly comes with a right and left arm for the Absorbing Man, we will take a closer look at them when we complete the Build-A-Figure!

Ben Reilly also comes with a few different hands, two fisted hands, two wall crawling hands and two web thwiping hands; He also comes with an interchangeable head and hands to become Spider-Carnage.


Ben Reilly stands just a little over 6 inches



Head is on a ball joint with a neck hinge joint

Arms are on a hinge ball joint

Bicep swivel

Elbows are on a double hinge joint

Wrist swivel

Hands are

Ab crunch

Waist swivel

Legs are on a ball joint

Upper calf swivel

Double jointed knees

Ankles are on a hinge joint with added ankle pivot

Ben Reilly shares the same body mold as the pizza eating Spider-Man that we got last year. I agree with most people, that this is the perfect body mold for any Spider-Man type figure. It has great movement and tons of interchangeable parts for a ton of fun. As for me personally I was very excited to pick this up when they announced it. Ben Reilly was when I started to really get into comics (yes I know, the clone saga, not a great place to start), and to top it off to have the hands and head to make Spider-Carnage, that just tops it off for me


Have to give him a 10/10


~Baby Huey