Power Rangers #1 Selling Action Figure Brand

Saban’s Power Rangers movie may have struggled at the overseas box office, but it crushed the competition on store shelves.

Lionsgate’s action-packed film has propelled Power Rangers to rank as the number one selling action figures brand, according to NPD data.

Since Saban’s Power Rangers movie hit theaters, sales of Power Rangers toys have nearly doubled against 2016, overtaking brands such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Transformers. And compared against 2016 to date, Power Rangers toy sales are up nearly 23%.

Toys for Saban’s Power Rangers movie were produced by Bandai, with products ranging from action figures, to battle gear, to Zords that combine to form a 2-foot tall Megazord. The toys were sold alongside Bandai’s toy line for Power Rangers Ninja Steel, the 24th season of Power Rangers currently airing Saturdays at noon on Nickelodeon.

The Power Rangers also inked a partnership deal with Target, who bet big on Saban’s Power Rangers movie. The retailer became the exclusive provider for a wide range of products based on the film including light-up Power Swords, masks, t-shirts, sleepwear, and more. The retailer will also be the exclusive destination for the Steelbook Edition Blu-ray of Saban’s Power Rangers movie (seen below), which releases on June 27.

~Baby Huey