New York Toy Fair 2018 Day Two Review

Welcome back to the day two recap from this years New York Toy Fair 2018


Marvel Legends

touched on it yesterday but now we have some more product shots off all the different fingers and waves coming out.

  • Riders 6" Marvel Legends Logan on bike.
  • Spider-Man Wave 2 - House of M Spider-Man, Scarlet Spider V2, Dr. October, Cloak & Dagger, All-New-All-Different Daredevil (Not Shadowland), Electra and Build-A-Figure is SPDR.
  • Avengers wave 2 - Black Knight with 2 heads and Classic Malekith, Ant-Man & Wasp Movvie Figures.
  • X-Men Wave - Multiple Man, Storm, Wolverine, Psylock, Apocalypse BAF, Magneto (Black & Red), Modern Sabretooth, Tiger Stripe Wolverine.
  • Venom Wave - Venom and Carnage with unmasked head, Scream, Poison, Spider-Ham Pork Grind Head. More reveals for this wave coming later in the year.
  • Deadpool Wave 2 Marvel Legends, Omega Red with Should Rockers and new body, Lady Deadpool, X-Men Deadpool, Bishop with Mullet, Pantless Deadpool. Build A Figure unknown.
  • Comic Book Scott Lang Ant-Man and Comic MC2 Stinger two-pack.

Mighty Mugs

Hasbro will also be releasing some new Might Mugs as well

  • Ant-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Wasp, Star Lord, Thanos, Thor


DC Comics Multiverse

Mattel has some really cool new figures in the works for us.

  • Beast Boy, Spoiler, Harley Quinn, Injustice Superman and Batman, Kid Flash, Bizzaro and Penguin from Batman Returns 

Diamond Select

  • Diamond has released a new 7 inch line of Ghostbuster figures based on the 80s cartoon


  • Two different Batman, Batman Beyond, Two different Jokers, # Spider-Man (Classic, Homemade, Stark Tech), Daredevil, Black Panther, Cyclops, Superman and Darkseid

That about wraps it up for Toy Fair 2018, cant wait to do it all again next year.

-Baby Huey