Baby Huey Movie Reviewy - Suicide Squad

Baby Huey Reviews Suicide Squad

Overall I enjoyed Suicide Squad. It’s fun and I was laughing at most of the jokes they tossed in.  But the Title of the Film is wrong; it’s not Suicide Squad, its Harley/Deadshot with crew! Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn is awesome. She really did bring her to life. Will Smith as Deadshot was also very good. He made me feel for and really like Deadshot 

The movie starts with some backstory on the villains; however, they gave some much more time for Harley and Deadshot then anyone else. Captain Boomerang got like a minute of backstory time while they didn’t even touch at all on Killer Croc or Slipknot; they just Amanda Waller and Rick Flag explain it.

I liked the flow of the movie, thought it was moving well until right before the big end fight, they just stop to go have a drink in the bar, now while it did bring some more light on Diablo’s character and backstory it just brought the whole movie to stand still.

Amanda Waller was….well Amanda Waller, just when you start to think she’s not that bad of a person she will turn around and gun someone down just like the rest of the group!

Letto’s Joker was definitely something different; I would say he was creepier than any other Joker that we have seen before. I just wish he would have had more screen time, felt like he was only on screen for like 10 minutes total

Is Suicide Squad as bad as critics are making it out to be? No not at all. Does it have some issues? yes! Is it better then Batman v Superman? Hell Yes! 

Also make sure sure you stay for the mid-credit scene!

Suicide Squad is in Theaters now!

~Baby Huey