Fireside Chats Issue 400: The Better Caliendo

We are back Fireside Faithful! Not only are we back, but we are bringing someone with us. Join Mendte and Maurer as the break down that sweet sweet new news with Caliendo! No not Frank, I mean he’s here, but thats not important. No, we are talking about the actual Marvel fan in the family Juliet AKA Mojo Ju Ju (Tell me thats not the coolest nickname to date). Join us as we talk about those comic related current events we have all come to expect at this point. Deadpool in Spider-Man 3? Green Lantern on the cover of a Marvel book? Hellboy on Netflix? Yeah… we have a lot to go over. So hit play and Welcome to Fireside!


Go to to see Titans Season 2’s Slade dancing like he just don’t care.

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