Fireside Chats Issue 398: Firesiders Assemble - Steve Baum

FIRESIDERS ASSEMBLE! We had no idea what to do for todays show when it dawned on us, lets bring you all into this. Now obviously we can’t have all of you at once, but we can keep this series going from here on out. So for todays show we talk with long time Firesiders Steve Baum. Maybe you have seen him in our Facebook group (he’s the one who’s caps lock key is apparently jammed in), or maybe you ran into him like we did at the AC Beerfest, but we are thrilled to start this off with Steve. Join Mendte, Maurer, and Features as they get the story behind one of the faithful. How he got into comics, the importance of the MCU, his thoughts on Endgame, and why Thor means so much to him. So let’s start this. Welcome to Fireside!