Fireside Chats Issue 204: Thor Ragnarok - ith

Helloith dear Firesiders! Welcomeith to our Thor: Ragnarok teaser breakdownith. This is our lousy attempt at sounding Asgardian…ith. As you may have guessed by nowith, this issue is all things Thor: Ragnarok! Mendte, Maurer, and Features breakdown what stories they think marvel may be pulling from, to the very Guardians color scheme and soundtrack, the awesomeness-ith of Hela, and of corse, R.I.P. Mjolnir. We are just a couple of work fiends going toe to toe with the Grandmasters incredible titan, but we are all really happy to see him. We welcome all thou art true Firesider, with the comforting nature of Heimdall.