Fireside Chats Issue 222: Patches

Rise and shine Firesiders! As you wake from your BBQed coma, desperate for water and perhaps some Tylenol, let us get you caught up with all things comic related. The traditional trio of Mendte, Maurer, and Features are joined by new comer, Ashly. Together they rattle of the top news stories from around the Comicsphere; ranging from the million year old Avengers, to Falcon Cap and War Machunisher. ANNND... the Watchmen coming to HBO, Carnage and Venom's first ever big screen family reunion, and so much more. They are probably a few rants and tangents sprinkled about I'm sure. So grab the pain relievers, chug some water, and eat a banana for the potassium because we have some catching up to do. Welcome to Fireside.