Fireside Chats Issue 104: DC Rebirth


Welcome Firesiders! Today we have an extended issue for you.  Mendte and Mr. Maurer are joined by Baby Huey and Josh "Locke and Key" Weiss as they dive into everything comic.  The guys start by commenting on some of the breaking news topics such as the New Mutants film rumors, Bat-Flecks latest script, Loki's last ride, and Jon Bernthal's thoughts on Tom Holland.  All that news and more.  But then we have a overly excited Mr. Maurer (Yes you read that right) go through his pages and pages of notes from the DC Rebirth announcement.  Mendte talks upcoming stories while Maurer lushes over the artist and writer teams that are about to revitalize DC's comic world.  Welcome to Fireside.