Alright Firesiders, let's get this started.  Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features are back and they have a ton to say.  This issue is jam packed with spoilers, so consider yourself warned.  Batman v Superman.  It has made tons of money, has tons of fans, but just as many enemies.  This is no different here at Fireside.  Mendte steps up to defend the fun while Mr. Maurer can't get past his beloved superheros falling flat.  Listen as the war wages on between Mr. Happy Go-Lucky and Mr. The World Sucks.  Hear about the BvS deleted scene that could have added some clarity to the ending as well as the newest Gambit delay that could be saving it from the critical bomb that Snyder just unleashed on us.  The guys talk the future of the DCEU versusZSDCEU (Zack Snyder DC Extended Universe), the Supergirl and Flash fiasco, Kevin Smith's surprising casting choice, plus first look at Arseface on the preacher, and the Tick reboot's new grounded approach.  All this and more, so "Welcome to Fireside"!