Fireside Chats Issue 140: Mendte Will Beall Write Back

Beep you Firesiders...errr no.  Helllllooooo Firesiders....not quite.  Hello, Hello, Hello? Mr. Maurer and Features are a little lost on Issue 140 as their fearless leader is not their to lead the battle cry. After some courageous attempts, your favorite sidekicks are joined by Baby Huey to lead you through the news.  Starting with comic news the guys talk DC's dominating month, Marvel's delay, and more insight to the Captain Hydra twist.  TV news has Stephen Amell celebrating an anniversary in a way only he could, Powerless is losing it's leader, CW doesn't want to add more superhero shows but CBS does and more.  On the silver screen we have a few Guardians pieces of news from James Gunn, plus his DC plans, Robert Downey Jr. could have filmed a cameo for an upcoming Marvel film, Henry Cavill's Instagram surprise, and James Wan is making waves with his Aquaman comments.  All this and more, Welcome to Fireside.