Fireside Chats Issue 139: The Great Harley Debate

Hello Firesiders! We have a special Issue for you today.  Features has been apprehended by Late Shift yet again.  At this point we think he might actually be falling for Late Shift. In order to get some insight on the matter Mendte and Mr. Maurer are joined by Dani (Haley, Hale-storm, Harley) a Harley Quinn super-fan.  Dani and the guys not only talk the latest Suicide Squad portrayal, but also the phenomenon of the "Harley/Joker" couples, Harley's journey and much more.  But first there is some great TV and Movie news.  In TV Kevin Smith gets his wish and Flash might be singing some show tunes with Supergirl in the upcoming season. In movies we have Doctor Strange's explanation of magic and Captain Marvel's new origin.  All this and more on Issue 139 of Fireside Chats.  Welcome to Fireside!