Fireside Chats Issue 138: Mr. Maurer Hates This Issue

Greetings Firesiders! Have you ever had a day that you thought the world was aligning against you? Well in Issue 138 the world is out to get Fireside's own Mr. Maurer.  He joins Mendte and P. Features to bring you the latest comic news, but in this Issue, he isn't happy about it.  They guys start off with comics and the latest Ghost Rider announcement.  This has Mr. Maurer's anger flare up right from the start.  Then moving into TV the guys try to calm him down with Arrow-Verse news concerning Flash Season 3, Legend of Tomorrow's latest addition, Supernatural's invasion, and Netflix's latest peek into the world of Luke Cage (and his Tiara).  But movies get Mr. Maurer angry again with the Man of Steels new chance to bore us, Miles Teller's ground breaking announcement, Spidey's new fashion accessories, and more shocking Marvel news.  But then Mendte and Mr. Maurer dive into a discussion which puts Maurer over the edge....Suicide Squad.  Welcome to Fireside.