Fireside Chats Issue 133: The Search for 132

Greetings and Salutations Firesiders! SDCC is upon us and the news flood gates have opened.  Mendte and P. Features head down to Arkham and bail Mr. Maurer out so that he can chime in on the latest reveals.  TV is jam packed with Netflix teasers, trailers, and general bad-assery, Arrow-Verse additions, and the Spirit of Vengeance coming to Agents of Shield (Sorta). Comics continue to add Speedsters to the Flash, Ennis tackles some Hannah Barbarra, Boom! celebrates it's gamble on Power Rangers, Deadpool goes back in time and then waaay back in time, plus Young Terrorist #2 is finally out! Not to be left out Movies have Wonder Womans new poster, Aquaman gets a writer and tons of Power Ranger reveals.  All this and more.  Welcome to Fireside!