Fireside Chats Issue 130: Never Good News from the Speedforce

Guess who's back. Back again. Maurer's back. Tell your friends! Alright Firesider's Mr. Maurer has returned from his journey into the speedforce.  He re-joins Mendte and P. Features as they start Issue 130.  Just like anyone that comes back from the speedforce, he has some bad news.  But don't worry the guys take the pending doom and continue to bring the best damned comic podcast out there.  Diving right back in they talk the OFFICIAL news between Fox and Marvel, Kid Flash's costume, and Malcolm Merlin's CW takeover.  In comics we have the latest sales numbers, an awesome 80's throwback crossover, WWE goes Boom!, and our good friend Keith Thomas' "into the suck" kickstarter! Rounding out the news comes some Hulk, Spiderman, and Suicide Squad tid bits.  So welcome back wilted lightning and Welcome to Fireside!