Hail Firesiders! Welcome to Issue 120!  Mendte is back in the lab putting the final touches on the Fireside surprise we have waiting for Wizard World, meanwhile Mr. Maurer and Features are joined by Baby Huey to talk breaking news.  The guys start of with movies and talk about the new Power Rangers set photos, Karl Urban's Marvel role, RDJ's fight for Mel Gibson, Apocalypse deleted scenes, Halle's response to Alexandra Shipp, and more!  Then in TV Starz declares war on The Walking Dead and the guys get a heavy dose of the feels.  Last, but definitely not least.  Comics!  Marvel's All New, All Different is NOW!, Wally West is back in some new threads, and Rebirth is here.  But the real news is all about Captain America.  Could Steve Rogers really be Captain Hydra? Welcome to Fireside!