Fireside Chats Issue 118: Toying with Fireside


Hello everyone welcome to your favorite podcast with your host Baby Huey! ... wait ... oh ... sorry about that.  Mr. Maurer and Baby Huey got confused.  This is Fireside Chats.  Mr. Maurer, Features, and Baby Huey are your hosts as Mendte continues to lock himself in the Fireside Lab.  Tons of news this Issue. We have Jim Lee's interpretation of the new DC Logo, Jessica Jones makes a guest appearance, TMNT learns to shoot hoops and that is just starting with comics.   In movies we may have the best Stan Lee cameo ever, Deadpool knocks out Star Wars, and "Hope and Optimism" coming to the DCEU.  Lastly in TV Seth Rogen makes us laugh, again.  Plus will the Arrow-Verse lead to more? All of this and many other topics.  Welcome to Fireside.