Fireside Chats Issue 115: Selling Boogers for Millions

Firesider's rejoice! Your wait is over and Issue 115 is here!  Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features have a special guest at the Fireside Studios.  Musician and Comic fan Chris G. (The "G" stands for Gluten Free.) stopped by to talk comics and promote his latest release.  But first, the news.  Comic news has the end of an era, a dawn of war, and some mysterious movements over at Marvel.  Plus we find out how much Captain America could be owed in back pay.  Movie news runs through Wolverine, New Mutants, X-Men Apocalypse, Wonder Woman, Sharon Stones "Small Part", and just how much money is Civil War Making in the theaters.  Last but not least, TV News! Josh from EMN has let out some gleeful squees at the news of Locke & Key being greenlit for a Pilot, some explosive news for the Krypton pilot, Outcast gets a new trailer and Kevin Smith talks about his vision for Arrow.  Welcome to Fireside!