Firesiders, it has begun.  Civil War has started and there isn't much time left to pick a side.  Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features have gathered together some amazing news for Issue 112.  The curtain opens with Deadpool taking shots at DC and Marvel's latest "tease'.  But that doesn't last long as there are two amazing teasers coming from the world of TV.  Both Punisher and Preacher have attention getting clips that will get everyone talking.  But it's movie news that really gets everyone moving.  We have Michael Bay promising more than he can deliver, Fox saying no to "Hall H" and  Bat-Fleck getting the last laugh.  Plus Drama with the Flash and Green Lantern Corps eyeing up Mad Max director George Miller.  But that is just the warm up.  Marvel is putting the pedal to the metal with all kinds of Civil War and Infinity War leaks and promises.  Even Stan Lee gets a cameo.  Welcome to Fireside!