Fireside Chats Issue 108: Let's Talk Crossovers

Hello Firesiders! It's a great day to be a geek.  Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and Features are joined by Damian on Issue 108.  Damian is a film maker and comic geek who dropped by to check out Fireside Studios and join in on a little "Nerd Scrumming". The guys dive right into news. In the comic world Star Wars tells us about C3PO's red arm and Frank Miller pulls a Frank Miller.  Movies have Batman v Superman's original master plan, Doctor Strange gets Strange, Dick Tracy's triumphant return and Tom Hiddleston challenges anyone willing.  Not to be left out the TV world sees new casting for The Tick and Teddy Sears talks Flash's season finale.  All this plus the guys talk crossovers.  Cool crossovers.  Bad crossovers. Weird crossovers.  Crossovers that should never be.  So press play and long live the geek.  Welcome to Fireside.