Fireside Chats Issue 105: Schrödinger's Finale

Hello internets! So if we don't know who's dead, everyone's alive right? On this Issue of Fireside Chats Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features have tons to talk about.  Continuing the conversation of comics Mendte switches it up and talks about the creative team tackling Spiderman's Dead No More.  The guys also talk a comic sequel that everyone including Jim Lee would love to see and the terror that flaps in the night's triumphant return.  Moving on to the big screen Sony may have accidentally revealed the Spiderman reboot title, Benedict Cumberbatch hits the long boxes in an unusual way, Batman v Superman breaks a record they may not have wanted, more news on the DCEU and much, much, more.  Finally on to TV the guys try to calm Mendte down about the recent Walking Dead finale and bring each other up to speed on all of the latest TV rumors.  All this plus NINJAS! Welcome to Fireside!