Fireside Chats Issue 100: Dedicated

Dedicated to the memory of David D. Oechsle

Fireside goes Centennial! That's right HELLO! HELLO! HELLO! Welcome to Fireside Chats Issue 100.  Mendte, Mr. Maurer, and P. Features are joined by Felix Hergood and Josh "Locke n Key" Weiss from the Emergent Gamer Podcast.  There is also a studio audience of Batman Dan and Woodsy!  The boys are in a celebratory mood as they tackle the latest news from Leto's work stopping Joker Performance and Ice Cubes role in Spiderman.  Plus Mr. Maurer has a bet about Batman v Superman that Mendte jumps at the chance to take and we take a few moments to reflect on the breaking Batman news.  There are some confirmations in Daredevil season 2 and we have the team ups for Civil War 2.  All this plus some updates and announcements on all of the projects in the Fireside Camp.  All this and more.  Welcome to Fireside.

From everyone at Fireside and the EMN Family we would like to dedicate this Issue to the memory of Mr. David D. Oechsle.

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